Florida Interior Design Trends You Need to Pay Attention to

In the past few years, interior design in Boca Raton has peaked. The openness of social media and the Internet made houses much more than a living space: they’re a statement of their owner’s personality. 

And Florida, with the high humidity, the hurricane risk, and even the bustling social life, has a way of taking these worldwide design trends to reshape them and make them follow its own set of rules. That’s why here’s our prediction of the coming interior design trends, and how they’ll look in Boca. 

10. Gold Is Back 

Gold has been a constant color since 2018, especially on fixtures, details, and accessories for minimalist and sophisticated-looking interiors. But now, the color is taking center stage in home designs.   

We’re seeing golden furniture, curtains, walls, rugs, and tiles, setting a gilded mood in a house’s interior. This color was very popular during the ’60s and ’70s, so its comeback brings some of these ages’ stylish furniture, like round tables and soft-angled armchairs, building an old-school style with a sophisticated edge. 

And in Florida homes, gold has an even higher chance to shine. Quite literally. Adding gold elements to open homes with natural lighting makes the whole room shine brighter. 


9. Quiet Luxury and Sustainability  

Lately, we’ve been seeing quiet luxury make a comeback, hand in hand with sustainability. The emphasis lies on making investments in classical pieces and timeless decorations that you can build a room around.  

This is the opposite of the 2020-2022 “Instagram-ready trends”, where flashy shapes, neon signs, and bright-colored statement furniture you could share on social media became the norm. Now, simple classical furniture is taking over the place. 

It’s a rebirth of minimalism, but with a vision of sustainability. The focus isn’t on color but on shapes: carved wood, renaissance-looking details, and golden applications that make a piece look sophisticated and long-lasting. 


8. Simplicity Isn’t Going Anywhere, But It’s Adding Silver 

We’ve mentioned that gold is taking on a protagonist role. So who’s in charge of the fixtures now? The answer is silver. 

The Y2K comeback in fashion also rippled the decor world, and essential earthly elements like chrome, steel, and aluminum are replacing brown-based neutral colors. Metal details are very attractive because they achieve a very glam look.  

Instead of hard surfaces or sharp angles, neutral metals mix modern simplicity with brutalism. The result is a chic and sophisticated space that doesn’t look cold or hard, but that it’s filled with glimmer. 


7. Squishy Furniture  

Squishy-looking furniture has been rising in popularity, from low armchairs and sofas to ottomans and stools. The curvaceous, cushy angles make them look comfortable and give a homely vibe to a room. A great example are Draga & Aurel® soft designs. 

These types of furniture shine the most in sophisticated, glam interiors filled with hard lines. The contrast fills a room with attitude and helps these sharp-looking spaces feel more welcoming.  


6. Statement Stoneware  

The beauty of natural materials such as travertine and marble is timeless. Their delicate veining and its profound contrast against stone are filled with movement while bringing solidity to a home. 

Most commonly used for bathroom and kitchen ideas, statement stoneware will be used across the home in 2024, from sculptural stone side tables in a bedroom to a stand-out marble fireplace in a living room. 

5. Detailed Personalization  

Personalization has been at the center of the scene since the start of the next decade, but each year it has taken on a different feel. In 2024, being true to yourself in your home design means making previously underestimated areas of the home shine. 

Places like the hallway, pantry, utility room, and laundry room are being used to fill a home with uniqueness. Adding paintings, interesting wall colors, and attractive details makes them come to the center stage. 


4. Glass Bricks 

Glass bricks are making a comeback. In the ’80s and ’90s, they were mostly displayed in showers or bathrooms, but today, they’re being used as innovative materials for floors, tables, tiles and walls. 

When we heard this, our first question was whether glass bricks could withstand the Florida weather. The answer was yes: Glass block structures are well-known for their strength and durability, making them an excellent choice for decorating homes in hurricane-prone areas. 


3. Soft Textured Elements  

Textures have been at the center of interior design for years, but now they’re becoming soft. There’s an overall tendency to abandon brutalism’s sharper and stricter lines for a fuzzier environment. 

Instead of details on the walls with stones or cement, the coming textures are made with wool, faux fur, and crocheting details that fill a space with dimension. 

Rugs, leather furniture, and wool blankets are making a comeback to style living rooms. This mix of materials is welcoming and warm, rich in cozy character and depth, without losing elegance. 


2. Americana Culture  

This shift is more than adding vintage furniture and antiques, it’s a regression to older forms of consumption, too. Bookshelves filled with hard-covers and vinyl disks are the new IT.  

American material culture walked a thin line between bold displays of art and delicate scenery. The bold, graphic use of forms and strong colors representative of modern art brings a fresh feeling, without being flashy. It’s trendy and stylish, but not too much. 


1. Brown and Blue  

When asked for the upcoming hottest colors, 1stDibs determined that dark brown was in the top three. On the other hand, 2024’s Colors of The Year predicts that blue is going to dominate this year. We believe that there will be a combination of the two. 

Hot browns that follow a 1970s palette look great on luxurious apartments.  There’s existing warmth to the natural wools themselves that makes a minimalist scene look richer. Combining that with baby blue details, it fills a room with vibrancy.  


Redecorate Your Interior Design in Boca Raton 

As you can see, there’re many things to come in the design world, the entire Interiors by Brown’s team is excited to see them. Keeping an eye on trends doesn’t imply you need to change your entire home’s style every year: it’s about knowing what’s out there and being daring to expand your own style. 

If you’d like to give it an opportunity, give us a call! 

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