Redecorate Your Home: A Step-by-Step Guide on Hiring an Interior Design Company

Benefits of Professional Companies for Residential Design in Fort Lauderdale

Knowing what you want is simple; understanding how to make it a reality is more difficult. When doing an interior residential design in Fort Lauderdale, a professional company can help you materialize your ideas, easing the process of remodeling and building homes. 

There are many design companies in Florida, but the best way to decipher which one is the best for you is by seeing how they work. So, to help you find the right interior designer, here’s what the entire process looks like when working with a professional company. 

Hiring a Company for Residential Design in Fort Lauderdale

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interior Design Company

Beyond unleashing your creativity and bringing your style ideas to life, interior designers can completely change a home’s space. Here are some ways they do that:  

  • Bringing your ideas to life. Professional companies follow design principles like balance, rhythm, repetition, contrast, and proportion to make your space come together, no matter what design style you choose.  
  • Avoid negotiating. Design companies take on the task of talking with architects, contractors, and providers, and eliminate the stress of managing a large-scale project. 
  • Improve the functionality of your living space. Architects have years of study, but they sometimes overlook the ways people use their living spaces on a daily basis. On the other hand, interior designers are experts in psychology of space and can help you enhance your home in ways that you didn’t even think about.  
  • Transform your personal space in a way that resonates with you. A designer will take your unique style and goals and work alongside you to turn it into a beautiful, cohesive home. 

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Step-by-Step Process for Hiring an Interior Design Company

Interior design companies are experts in turning houses into homes and lifting the spirits of those who’ll be living in them. Here’s how they do it:

1. Consultation

The first step with any design company is a discovery call. During the initial meeting, you’ll tell them who you are and what you envision your dream home to be. The goal is to determine whether you’re a good fit for each other, so don’t be shy about your expectations.  

For us, this is the best part. We like to take the time to really get to know each client, because we believe that mutual understanding is key. Only by knowing our clients to the bone can we ensure that the project’s outcome will meet their standards.  

That’s why we encourage our clients to ask themselves a series of questions that help narrow down their ideas. For example: 

  • How do you want your home to feel?  
  • What’s your style?  
  • What kind of colors and textures do you prefer?  
  • What do you like and dislike about your current space?  
  • How do you use certain spaces?  
  • What home elements are the most important to you?  
  • What can’t you live without?  

Additionally, you should have a list of questions ready for your interior designer. A project’s requirements go beyond visual appearances, so you should consider:  

  • Can they adapt to your timeline? 
  • Can they take care of it, even if you’re not available (due to work or business trips)? 
  • Are they experienced with interior design jobs in your location? Are they aware of Florida’s hurricane risks, and how to prepare for them?  
  • Are they good listeners to your ideas, or are they simply steamrolling your creativity?  
  • Do they seem willing to adapt to innovative ideas?  
  • How long have they been on the field? 

2. Design Concept

Once you are confident you have found a perfect match for your redecoration, it’s time to schedule an on-site consultation. The company will visit the site and conduct some measurements which they’ll use to create a customized design concept presentation for your project.  

It will include:  

  • Furniture layout design concepts and inspiration for building finishes.
  • Inspiration for custom built-ins and wall/ceiling details.
  • Initial suggestions for color schemes and material choices. 

You can make changes and ask for reviews on this concept. This is the time to ensure that your designer and you are on the same page with the style of your interiors, so make sure to express any doubts you’re feeling. 

3. Specification

Following concept approval, the company will begin providing construction specifications and drawings, drafting furniture plans, and selecting product options for you to review. 

To do so, they will coordinate with architects, contractors, and subcontractors who will give their professional views on how to bring the idea to life. Additionally, on-site meetings will become more frequent.  

4. Final Design

Now, it’s time for the final presentation. Here, you’ll start seeing a complete plan of your house, with detailed instructions for each room, including:  

  • Furniture  
  • Sizes  
  • Fabrics to use  
  • Textures  
  • Finishes  
  • Pricing  

You’ll also receive a timeline with specific dates for material shipment and each step if any construction is needed. Once your selections are approved, furnishings will be purchased. 

5. Order & Install

After all your approved selections are ordered, the company gets hands-down on work. Whether you are in town or out of town, they will be responsible for choreographing all on-site installations and deliveries while regularly updating you on the project’s status. 

Once all merchandise is installed, a walkthrough and final punch list is generated until they are completed. You’ll be invited to give your final opinion.  

If everything is okay, it’s time to start moving into your brand-new home. 

Residential Design in Fort Lauderdale Process

Hire a Company for Residential Design in Fort Lauderdale

Here at Interiors by Brown, we believe that houses are a clean canvas to fill with your personality and make your life brighter. Professional design companies are there to help you achieve that – and that’s us! Are you ready to get incredible assistance in making your home exactly how you dreamed it would appear? 

If you want to hear more about our process, give us a call! 

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